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Conspiracy of events

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist for the simple reason that I have limited faith in my fellow human beings to stay on task much less accomplish complicated goals in secret.  It does happen occasionally but not as often as we would like to think.  What I do believe in is a conspiracy of events.

Everything happens in conjunction with a bigger picture.  If you look at history there are patterns.  History is in large part climate driven.  We react to climate changes because we have no choice.  The climate controls our food supply, how much fuel we use and has a direct effect on disease.  This is going to become a major sticking point in our very near future.

Even without climate changes we are already at a tipping point

I hope I am not the first person who has pointed this out to you.  There are 7.5 BILLION people on this planet.  That is more than twice as many as there were the year I was born in 1967.  We live very consumer oriented lives.  As time has passed, the modern world has quickly run through just about everything.  The result is not pretty and it is not going to be getting better any time soon.

In addition, we run our modern society on a “just in time” system where stores only have 3 days worth of food and that is under normal circumstances.  Our country is up to its eyebrows in debt and we are just waiting for the next recession / depression to hit.  The last thing we need is more drama and yet here it is…

A black swan event

While everyone was worrying about global warming something snuck up on us.   It shouldn’t have.  It should have been common knowledge.  The pattern has been going on long before our species recorded history.  It has been the controlling force behind many of the important events in human history.  It is written loud and clear in the growth rings of ancient trees and in many other records written both in the structure of the earth itself and later in the words of our ancestors.

For millennia, humanity has known that there are good times and bad times.  These fluctuations in our fortunes are tied to the weather.  We have known this but we became distracted.  Humanity has a bad habit of thinking we are the biggest, baddest thing in the universe.  We are not.

Solar Cycles

The sun is our heat source but it is not a constant one.  It has both long and short cycles during which the sun’s output of energy fluctuates.  The shorter ones have some effect on our climate but are not as dramatic.  The less frequent ones, called Grand Solar Minimums and Grand Solar Maximums, are longer and tend to be a good deal more dramatic.  It is believed we are on the cusp of just such an event and it will change the course of our civilization forever.


Never before in our modern world

Can you imagine snow on the 4th of July… in Virginia?  Not only can it happen.  It has happened.  That and much, much more.  Years where summer never came.  Increased volcanic activity.  Earthquakes so bad the Mississippi river flowed backwards as a result.  The last time we were faced with such events we were better prepared to cope.  We rode horses and grew our own food.  Our heat came from the wood lot out back. Times were still hard for our ancestors even though they were more prepared.  Global cooling brought famine, disease, war and all the other things we fear.  Fortunately they were a far more independent people than we are today.  Now, I shudder to think of what the results will be if there is even the slightest shadow of past events.

Which brings us to why I built this site

After decades of prepping I lost everything.  My husband died.  I became very ill as the result of black mold that infested our house while I was caring for him.  My body gave out and I almost died.  In the end I had to move and leave everything behind.  It was a horrible time but I did what I had to do and even though I am not back to my old self I felt ready to face life again.

When my health improved and I got my life back on track I found that I felt naked without my preps.  I was able to get my new love interested in prepping but he found the subject intimidating and often commented how much there was to learn.  That was the inspiration for this site.

I am blogging and recording my “reprepping” experience.  There is some frustration to put it mildly because it is getting a little scary out there.  At the same time I have the chance to start over and do things the way I should have done them in the beginning.  I hope what I am sharing can be of value to others on the same journey.